Bulgarian citizens can be treated abroad. When treatment is paid by public funds, it is sometimes necessary to carry out certain administrative actions. There are three administrative bodies that are authorized to issue a permit and pay for treatment abroad.

Commission for treatment abroad to MH
One of them is the Commission for Treatment Abroad established at the Ministry of Health. The Commission finances the treatment of persons over 18, only for treatments not available in Bulgaria. The Commission can pay for treatment not only in an EU country but also in any other. The procedure necessarily requires prior authorization for treatment. The rules are regulated in Ordinance 12. Personal and medical documents are required, an offer from the hospital where the treatment will take place (if any) and several declarations, samples of which are available on the MH's website.
If you have difficulty filling out the forms and applying, we can do this for you.

Center Fund for Treatment of Children
The second administrative body is the Center for the Treatment of Children. It finances the treatment of children abroad, but also the purchase of expensive medicines and medical devices for treatment in Bulgaria. The parents / guardians apply with identity papers, medical records, and hospital offer, if any. CFTC can direct the child to a particular hospital abroad. Detailed information is available on the Fund's website.
If you have difficulty filling out the forms and applying, we can do this for you.

The third administrative body is the NHIF. It may authorize treatment of any health insured person in a Member State of the European Union or pay for treatment already made.
In unexpected illness, when you are staying abroad, you are entitled to all types of treatment that can not be postponed until your return to your country. You have the same right to healthcare as you would in Bulgaria, and the NHIF will pay the full treatment. This right is certified by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC is free of charge, issued for one year, after filing an application. If you do not have an EHIC, you will have to pay for your treatment. In this case, NHIF can reimburse you later, but only up to the amount you would pay if you were treated in Bulgaria.
However, for longer stays in an EU member country where you are still insured in Bulgaria, it is best to ask the NHIF to issue a S1 form. This form entitles you to treatment, whether planned or urgent, without limitation, and enjoys the rights of the citizens of the country where you reside.
If you want to implement planned treatment in an EU Member State, you should ask the NHIF to issue a S2 form beforehand. If you have such a form, NHIF will pay your treatment abroad. The fund is required to issue a S2 form when the treatment can not be applied in Bulgaria at all or can not be done within a short period of time, which may lead to a deterioration of the condition. Details on how to apply for a S2 form are available on the NHIF website.
If you have difficulty completing the application and applying for S2, we can do this for you.
If you are planning a treatment in a Member State of the EU without having requested a S2 form in advance, you may request reimbursement from the NHIF. In this case, the NHIF can only reimburse them up to the amount of the costs that would be paid if the treatment had taken place in Bulgaria.
You should also know that if you are treated in a hospital that has no insurance fund in the country concerned, treatment will be entirely at your expense. Also, in many countries there are rules specific to them and the packages of activities paid by the insurance funds are different. When planning a treatment abroad it is good to get further information from the relevant national contact point. For Bulgaria such is the NHIF.
The refusal of the administrative authorities to issue a decision for treatment abroad is subject to judicial review. You can appeal the refusal within 14 days of receiving it to the Administrative Court, according to your permanent address. If you do not know how or what makes it difficult for you, you can contact our lawyers for assistance.
The regulations and directives setting out the rules for cross-border healthcare can be found on our website here.

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