The liability of the physician for damage

medical errorThe physician has the obligation under the law to take care of the patient's treatment, in accordance with the current, generally accepted achievements of medical science and practice. In case of deviations from these obligations, resulting in adverse consequences for the patient, the liability of the physician may be committed if his / her action or omission is the result of guilty behavior. Guilty behavior is not only in cases of deliberate behavior. Guilty behavior is not only in cases of deliberate behavior. The behavior is also guilty and when the doctor knew about the consequences, but because of negligence he did not prevent or did not know them, but given his job he should have known them. Read more ....

Treatment in the European union

eu flagBulgarian citizens can be treated abroad. When treatment is paid by public funds, it is sometimes necessary to carry out certain administrative actions. There are three administrative bodies that are authorized to issue a permit and pay for treatment abroad.

Commission for treatment abroad to MH
One of them is the Commission for Treatment Abroad established at the Ministry of Health. The Commission finances the treatment of persons over 18, only for treatments not available in Bulgaria. The Commission can pay for treatment not only in an EU country but also in any other. Read more ....

Guidelines on patients' rights

bgflagAs a patient in the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the laws of the country, you have the following rights at the least:
Right to receive treatment without discrimination on grounds of race, sex, age, ethnicity, origin, religion, education, cultural background, belief, political affiliation, sexual orientation, personal and social status or property status.
Right to free emergency help throughout the country on 112.
Right to free choice of doctor and health care facility to be treated. Right to receive all information related to your state. Read more .....

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External quality control

nsvokCPRH coordinates the National System for External Quality Assessment of Clinical Laboratories. Look more ...