We have founded a non-governmental organization to protect the rights in healthcare, because better healthcare can only be achieved on the basis of protected rights.
We registered the Center for Protection of Rights in Healthcare at the Sofia City Court on 08.10.2007. under the CF № 14322/07, as a non-profit legal entity and we entered it on 31 October 2007 under number 15 in the Register of the Ministry of Justice as an organization for public benefit.
The protection of rights in health concerns:
- patients and health-insured persons,
- medical professionals,
- legal persons;
Protection of rights in healthcare includes:
- actions to raise awareness,
- actions to improve rules and regulations
- Counteraction on violated rights
Our goal is to create public support and conditions for the development and improvement of Bulgarian healthcare on the basis of protected rights.
In pursuit of this goal, we:
- We have set up a center for general and specialized information and advice on health care and health insurance.
- We organized a team for legal advice and protection of collective and individual rights in administrative and judicial proceedings.
- We have influence and control over the administration through legal means.
- We participate in national and international projects related to the development and improvement of healthcare.
- We are working to create a European Network of Health Protection Rights Organizations and to achieve equivalence of rights in different countries.

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