1.To work. Start working with his/her skills. "Finding a job. For him, this is extremely important. " This is the main thing. Have a job. To work and to realize. To get good money with which to be able to support themselves. A relative says she does not dare to dream that her sick relative may have a family. Her dream is to work. And she really wants him to work to create a social environment. Have social contacts and work something. She had previously hoped she would be able to have her profession or craft. Now - to make some money! He is aware that he can hardly work because he got sick so early that he was not even trained to work. Others hope that patients can find a liked and satisfying profession. There are also those who think that it is good for the sick to study higher education. Learning can engage them and help them to fill their time. "I wanted to learn something. To engage in herbs or movement therapy. "

2. Find an environment of people without mental illness. Socialize; to have contacts; have friends; meet more young people; to have an environment. "It is not a good man between four walls. In the morning you get up, you go to bed in the evening - all alone. "
3. Establish close relationships. Communicating with relatives. Have a family. Find a man / woman. Some relatives think that the sick - who take medicines - is not good at having children. But it is important for them, one day when they are gone, be calm that there is someone with the sick. "They may not marry because their partners can leave them quickly and they will suffer. But to find someone with whom to join their loneliness. To do so, they need to have more faith in people. At least a little to return what it was. More faith to have ".
4. Find a way to deal with life after the death of parents. What will they do after the death of their relatives? They must be able to cope with life on their own. They can take care of themselves. "My dreams come down to being fixed. I want to have protection for myself. I know there's no one to do it for him ... "
5. Be in a better mood, calm and secure. To perceive the world from the good countries, less to hurt the attitude of the people. "Sometimes I want to see a positive emotion, but it lacks it, the illness has taken it ... there is nothing to enjoy it and to make a sincere smile on his face ... sometimes he makes a grimace that should be something like smile. I want to have protection for myself, I know there is no one to do it for him ... "" To live normally, as before the disease. "" To be healthy, normal, cheerful and vital. "
Each of us can contribute to realizing the hopes of the relatives of people with mental rehabilitation. Mental disorder is a disease, not a personal decision.

Source: http://psihichnozdrave.com/


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