More and more often, in practice, we are confronted with an unknown issue - a waiting list for medical care. There are already a large number of medical establishments that can not immediately take the patients for planned treatment and record them for admission after a certain period - weeks or even months.
The only reason for the waiting list of patients in our country is the limits imposed by the health authorities on the hospitals. These limits force hospitals to postpone the treatment of the sick and not the lack of capacity of hospitals.

When the hospital enters a patient on the waiting list, it is obliged to reflect this fact in the so-called "National Schedule for Planned Admission in the MEHC" - published on the NHIF website.
When entered on such a sheet, the patient receives a number by which he / she can verify his / her enrollment.
If the patient is listed on the waiting list, the patient should be informed of the cause and expected duration of the waiting time as well as of the possible health consequences and risks to the patient.
The patient can be placed on the waiting list in outpatient medical care - for example, to issue a referral or to conduct a highly specialized study. In these cases, there are no rules.

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