As a patient in the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the laws of the country, you have the following rights at the least:
Right to receive treatment without discrimination on grounds of race, sex, age, ethnicity, origin, religion, education, cultural background, belief, political affiliation, sexual orientation, personal and social status or property status.
Right to free emergency help throughout the country on 112.
Right to free choice of doctor and health care facility to be treated.

Right to receive all information related to your state of health before giving consent to start treatment. The information shall include at least the information on the diagnosis and the nature of the disease, a description of the objectives and the nature of the treatment, the reasonable alternatives, the expected results and the prognosis, the potential risks associated with the proposed diagnostic and therapeutic methods including adverse effects and adverse drug reactions, pain and other inconveniences, the likelihood of a beneficial response, the risk to health when using other methods of treatment or withdrawal, the benefits and possible risks of the proposed treatment.
In surgical interventions, general anesthesia, invasive and other diagnostic and therapeutic methods that lead to an increased risk to your life and health or to a temporary change of consciousness, informed consent is given in writing.
You have the right to know the surname and occupational status of your treating physician, to know the surname, position and function of the health care staff involved in your treatment and in case you need to opt out of their observations, assessments and treatment.
Right to more than one medical opinion on the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease. In this case, the health care facility is obliged to provide access to your medical records by your doctors.
Right to opt out of the proposed treatment method at any time and get comprehensive explanations about the possible health effects and leave the health care facility.
Right to confidentiality of your health information. Your health data is protected and can not be disclosed to third parties without your consent except in cases expressly determined by law.
Right to enter the hospital in a safe and hygienic environment without undue restrictions. For admission to hospital, the treating physician issues the Hospitalization referral. You do not need this referral if you are directed by Emergency Service or you are directly addressed to the Hospital's Emergency Portal.
In hospital treatment, you have the right to be visited by your GP and the specialist who issued the hospitalization order, accepting or refusing visitors, using the services of a psychotherapist, a lawyer and a clergyman. You have the right to education and access to activities that fit your social, religious and cultural needs.
Upon discharge, the hospital is required to provide you with epicrisis as well as written instructions for continued treatment at home, if necessary.
Right to medicines for home treatment, fully or partially paid by the NHIF.
Right to free medical transport.
Right to tests and consultations at the discretion of the attending physician, without paying extra for that except the due user fee.
Right to get free access to your medical records and get a copy of your medical records at a reasonable price.
Right to receive a medical leave if your condition prevents you from working.
The right to be referred and certified by LEMC in cases of permanently reduced working capacity.
The right to express a written disagreement about the donation of your anatomical organs, tissues and cells. Disagreement is expressed by signing a written statement to your GP, which reflects the circumstance in your health insurance book. If you are not health-insured, you can file a written declaration of disagreement in the municipality at your permanent address.
Right to opt out of clinical trials. You have the right to comprehensive information, whether you agree or not, to participate in such studies.
Right to file a complaint against the medical service to:
-Executive agency Medical audit, including via e-mail.
- NHIF - in writing or on 0800 14 800.
-Rational Health Inspection (RHI).
Right to understand and accept these rights in full. If for some reason their content is incomprehensible or you need help in interpreting them, the health care establishment you are in need of is required to provide you with the necessary assistance.

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