The expertise of the permanently reduced working capacity and determination of the character of the diseases - professional or general, as well as the labor placement of persons with 50 and more than 50 per cent permanently reduced working capacity are performed by Labor Expert Doctors' Committees (LEDC).
The registration, processing and storage of health information for the persons certified by LESC is carried out by Regional Medical Records Office (RMRO), which are structural units of the RHI.

Every citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria or his / her legal representative / guardian has the right to apply for certification from LEDC. The application shall be submitted to the RMRO under a permanent address or at the current address if the persons are registered at that address at least 3 months prior to the filing of the application. No fees are charged for accepting applications for certification or re-certification by LEDC. The required documents are:
-Request-declaration according to a template;
-Protocol from MEC; In cases where the permanent incapacity is not preceded by a temporary incapacity, one needs a medical referral from the GP;
- Complete medical documentation - epicriss, consultations, tests, etc. - proving their health condition;
The application-declaration and the accompanying documents are addressed to LEDC and submitted to the Regional Medical Records Office (RMRO).
Persons who have submitted a Request-declaration to attend a LEDC have the right to be certified or certified by LEDC in the area of ​​their permanent address or at their current address if they are registered at this address at least 3 months before submitting the applications. Persons who are not able to appear in LEDC by medical evidence are certified on the spot (at home, in a hospital or other facility). This is evidenced by a medical certificate issued by the treating physician or entered in the MEC protocol (the referrals of the GP). The Chairperson of LEDC shall communicate to the persons with a letter of acknowledgment the day of the examination and the tests and consultations they have to make.
The Territorial Expert Doctors' Committees shall certify and certify the persons within 3 months from the receipt of the documents with them. In case of temporary incapacity for work, the duration of the certification is 15 days from the date of receipt of the documents in LEDC. The assessment of permanent inability to work is done in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Ordinance on Medical Performance Examination. The degree of permanently reduced working capacity of persons over 65 years of age is determined by life.
The decisions of LEMC may be appealed within 14 days of their serving against signature, before the National Expert Medical Commission (NEMC). The decisions of NEMC may be appealed to the Sofia Administrative Court by the order of the Administrative Procedure Code.

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